All the three miracles presented here are an extract from B V Narasimha Swamy's book called, ``Devotees Experiences with Sai Baba``. B V Narasimha Swamy, a saint and one of the greatest devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba. He has not seen Sai Baba during His lifetime. He has authored several spiritual books and has also compiled experiences and miracles happened in the lives of devotees and published the same as ``Devotees Experiences with Sai Baba``. The following experiences as narrated by devotees to Shri B V Narasimha Swamy are taken from ``Devotees Experiences with Sai Baba``.

Baba extracts his Dakshina from forgotten Kashinath Dubey

In his interview to Shri B V Narasimha Swamy, a great Sai devotee on 3rd May, 1936 Kashinath Dube shares his wonderful experience with Sai Baba which indeed is a miracle for him.

Kashinath Dube fondly known as Mama Dube, a Brahmin was a shopkeeper. He was aged 70 at the time of this interview. This miracle was reported in Sai Leela Masik, Vol V. parts 2 & 3, p 607. Kashinath narrates the following incident that he experienced in Shridi when Sai Baba was alive.

I was at first quite indifferent to sadhus, saints etc., One day about 1909, a lady took a loan of Rs.10 from me at Kopergaon where I was, and she promised to return it after she came back from Aurangabad. And she also told me that a great and powerful Saint, Sai Baba, lived at Shirdi. That was the first time I heard of him and I vowed or thought that if the Rs.10 loan was returned, I would offer it to Sai Baba. But I was not sure I would get the loan amount returned.

I went to Aurangabad and unexpectedly the loan was returned. Later on, I went to Shirdi and saw Sai Baba but did not mention my vow to him. He asked me for dakshina 3 or 4 times on the first day of my visit; first HE asked Rs.5, next Rs.2, next Rs.2, next one and did not ask me anything for two days thereafter, though I saw him all the three days of my stay there. His demand of dakshina from me totalled Rs.10, just the amount I vowed, I would give him. I then wondered how he would know my thoughts. I thought nothing is going to be hidden from HIS ever watchful eyes. It was a gracious miracle for me that Sai Baba showed to me.

2. Sai Baba rescues a lady from her agony

Gopal Bhaskar Datar, B.A, L.L.B., Brahmin, Pleader, and a resident of Station Road, Thana, Maharashtra was a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. He visited Shirdi in 1917 and had darshan and wonderful experiences with Sai Baba. In his interview with B V Narasimha Swamy on 26th May 1936, Datar narrates an incident that happened to a lady in his house in 1931. The narrative goes thus:

I am now a Sai Bhakta. In 1917, when I was at Ahmadnagar, I had opportunities to see Sai Baba. Some experiences that I got confirmed me in my faith. A lady in the house who was suffering from internal pains for a long time and had vainly tried some medicines, was listening to me as I read Dabholkar's book aloud. There was the incident of Sai Baba intervening to save a frog that was caught by a snake, in what I read. She had heard it half dozing. She prayed in that half dozing state to Sri Sai Baba thus: ``Oh Sai Baba, you have pity and help for humble suffering creatures like a frog, have you no mercy for me, a human being?``

She then heard a voice that seemed to emanate from a peg on the wall, ``Will you give me Rs.5 dakshina for the Dasserah?`` And she answered that she would, in case she got cured. At once she woke up from her dozing condition and narrating the above, she asked me Rs.5 to be sent up as her contribution for Sai Baba’s Dasserah celebration. That was done at once. She improved and her agony abated by the evening. This was in 1931 or 1932.

3. Sai Baba proves that HE is Omniscient, the all-knowing God

Kasinath Kanderao Garde, B.A., L.L.B., 65, Retired Sub Judge of Nagpur, Congress Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra. He narrated his wonderful experience with Sai Baba to Shri B V Narasimha Swamy.

Our family guru is a Ramachandra Tikotkar. My own personal guru is Ramanand Bidkar Maharaj. He was deep in wisdom and possessed marvellous powers and knowledge. After giving me upadesh, he told me that I should go round seeing a number of great saints that he had seen in his tours and he gave me a list of them. Sai Baba was one of them. He told me that all these saints would feel they are of one family and they would recognise me as connected with their stock and accord me a hearty welcome. That would confirm me, he said, in the belief of the truth and value of his instruction to me.

One of these saints that I was ordered to visit was Sai Baba of Shirdi. My guru Ramanand Bidkar Maharaj in 1898 told me to visit him, saying that he himself had seen that Sai Baba some 25 years back about 1873. So I went to see Sai Baba in 1912 or 1913 during the May vacation as I was then SubJudge at Khamgaon. As soon as I went and saw him,without any introduction or announcement. Sai Baba welcomed me heartily saying ``Welcome Ramdas``.

Ramdas is not my name. But the hearty welcome Baba gave me proved to me that HE already knew I was the disciple of Guru Ramanand Bidkar Maharaj and I have come here to see Him at the behest of my Guru. I was pleased and I stayed there with my Deccan college chum Bala Bhate, who lived there at Shirdi, a life devoted to Sai Baba. Each succeeding day, I tried to go but the journey was put off for 6 days as Baba said, ``Wait till tomorrow``.

Before I started for Shirdi, I was at Poona Reay Market and I purchased three excellent ‘Payari’ mangoes for presentation to Sai Baba, and as soon as I saw Sai Baba, I presented them. Sai Baba then took them up, eyed them with joy and said they were nice looking and ordered them to be cut up and He distributed the pieces as Prasad (taking a piece himself). Before cutting the fruit, Sai Baba, out of his own vast knowledge said, ``Hallo! These fruits Garde had purchased in the market for me and brought the whole lot to me without tasting any part of it. This is the opposite of what a pandit did the other day. Pandit had got a whole packet of laddûs intending to give them to me. But on the way after bathing at the Godaari River, he got hungry and ate away some of the laddûs and brought me the remainder. These fruits are not or sesha like that``.

This narration showed us that He appreciated the pure and strong bhakti that we devotees should have towards the guru, avoiding the slight involved in presenting Him with the sesha or remainder and that by HIS knowledge of such unseen events taking place far away from Shirdi only deepens and strengthens the faith and reliance we place in Him and in our Guru. My faith in my Guru's teachings and my adherence to Him was deepened by all that Sai Baba said and did.